Annual Report2013

3.0 // Business philosophy

DIA has grown incessantly since it was founded in 1979. Its international ambitions and ability to innovate have injected the company with the flexibility needed to develop a unique business model in which leadership in the convenience segment and on price have come to give the brand its current natural positioning.

From this high level of brand recognition the company is currently looking, today more than ever, to innovate in terms of alternative channels, the online sales platform, the development of new sales formats and expansion of its product portfolio. The greatest beneficiary of this R&D process is unquestionably the consumer, which over the years has seen its needs better catered to, in a more neighbourly manner, all without ever neglecting the strategic commitment to offering unbeatable value for money.


DIA’s international expansion strategy gave rise to the need to adapt to local circumstances, which is why the company is identified by other trademarks in certain countries, such as Minipreço and Mais Perto in Portugal. In parallel, DIA licensed its brand, for example to the City DIA concept in Senegal, while exporting products directly to other countries without opening bricks-and-mortar stores.

All of this, managed from proprietary and franchised stores which bring familiarity and the neighbourhood feel to customer dealings, has ultimately transformed the company’s initial identity as a mono-brand company into that of a multi-brand retailer. DIA’s retail model is very much its own and is hard to compare with rival models. The result is a large group focused on fulfilling shoppers’ existing and latent needs.

DIA (Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentación S.A.) has emerged as the flagship, the benchmark corporate brand, of a whole that is more than the sum of its parts, its parts being a range of brands, trademarks, sales channels and business formats.

Since it opened its first store in 1979, DIA has emerged as a leading provider of quality at unbeatable prices which targets the neighbourhood segment with specialised formats, such as DIA Market and Fresh by DIA, in which produce and everyday items garner a greater shelf presence. Manned bread and bakery counters, as well as a choice selection of gourmet and organic products, round out the range. Against this backdrop, the company’s latest strategic format is called Clarel, a brand specialised in personal care, household and health products. This new store is conceived of to give shoppers choice among a broad range of products across a spectrum of well-differentiated segments.

At the same time as it developed innovative retail formats, DIA continued to develop and expand its private-label range. The advent of the DIA product brand more than 30 years ago marked the starting point for the host of product brands it makes and sells today: Basic Cosmetics in the make-up and cosmetics segment; Baby Smile and Junior Smile, the private label babycare range; AS, the pet food and care line; and the recently launched Bonté brand, the standard bearer in personal care products.

New concepts, new brands and new ideas at the service of the unwavering mission of offering shoppers excellence.


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