Annual Report2013

2.6 // Outlook entity information

DIA Group is working at present in the development of a new commercial concept of the Schlecker/Clarel format. This new format was formally implemented and presented in the year end 2013, when the reform process of all current stores started.

The DIA Group started the commercial activity in the new region of Minas Gerais in late October 2013, with 12 stores opened in this new region in the year end 2013. The Group work is currently advancing the work to open the activity in a fourth region in Brazil in the late 2014.

The DIA Group will organize an Investor’s Day on 12 March 2014. This event will take place in Barcelona.

The DIA Group is in the way to achieve the objective of double-digit growth in the adjusted earnings per share in local currency that was marked for the period 2012-15.

In 2014, recurrent investment on fixed assets of the Group will be similar to the amounst in 2013, focussing the effort in the opening of new stores, mainly in the key markets (Iberia and emerging markets).

DIA has a prevision of increase of the negative finantial result of 10%, fully explained by the prudent interest rate scenary that the company manages for 2014.

For the next months, significant changes in the activity of the company apart from the previous ones, are not expected.

However, in the middle or long term there may be some factors with a reasonable influence on the Group’s prospects. Among them, should be noted:

  1. Variations in the purchasing behaviour of consumers in mature countries due to the economical crisis and the aging population.

  2. Increase in the available income in emerging countries which will allow a modern way of consume.

  3. In parallel, it may appear new trends in the product supply tending to health, welfare, organic or ecological.


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