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04 // DIA and the environment

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DIA works to protect the environment in all its operating markets. In order to preserve its natural surroundings, it works innovatively to reduce its energy consumption, diminish the environmental footprint left by its logistics activities and to correctly manage its emissions, material consumption and waste. In 2013, DIA embarked on standardisation of its environmental management system, began work on an overall assessment of its facilities, made further progress on eco-friendly packaging designs and efficient waste management and continued to fine-tune its transportation processes. The group demonstrated its firm commitment to taking its environmental strategy a step further with its decision to join the Spanish Energy Efficiency Business Platform.

Sustainable development at the DIA Group is predicated on efficiency and the continual improvement of all the processes that make up the supply chain. This management model allows it to offer an attractive range of quality products at compelling prices and contributes in turn to diminishing the adverse impact of its business activities on the environment.

Standardisation of the environmental management system

In the latter months of 2013, DIA embarked on the process of systematically documenting the environmental management system, working on the drafting and dissemination of environmental management procedures. The purpose of this initiative is to guarantee homogenous application of the environmental standards defined by the company.

This project is ongoing and the procedures defined will be subject to continual revision and updating.

Membership of the Spanish Energy Efficiency Business Platform


DIA’s engaged effort to conserve its natural surroundings is evident in its recent membership of the Spanish Energy Efficiency Business Platform.

This platform is an initiative formed by large private companies that lead their respective sectors; by forming part of this initiative, member companies commit to lead by example in terms of energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprints. This pledge takes the form of an official commitment at the senior management level and materialises in the development of value-adding proposals designed to foster energy efficiency in society at large.

This platform, of which Endesa, Cepsa, Philips Ibérica, Renfe, Meliá, Telefónica, Toyota España, Unibail Rodamco España, Bayer and Cemex are members, is working on six lines of initiative:

  • To promote the development of energy efficiency initiatives in order to achieve additional energy savings.

  • To promote the development of initiatives for reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

  • To champion the establishment of alliances between member companies (bilateral and multilateral agreements) and with the authorities.

  • To cross-fertilise and leverage the members’ combined the know-how generated across the platform regarding energy efficiency and emission-cutting.

  • To lend visibility to the member companies’ efforts to cut emissions and become more energy efficient.

  • To encourage research and development and the participation of highly qualified professionals in the projects sponsored by the platform.


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