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4.1 // Energy saving

Less energy, cleaner energy

In 2013 DIA forged ahead with its energy-saving projects. With the aim of maximising its energy efficiency, the company is gradually implementing next-generation systems and devices for reducing power consumption across its stores and warehouses, increasing the use of renewable energy sources across its establishments and negotiating bulk energy purchases in order to reduce overall costs. In addition to completing the installation of LED tubes in Spain and Portugal, in 2013 the company installed glass doors on its refrigeration cabinets in more than 1,150 stores; this measure means energy savings of over 21 million kilowatt-hours.

Energy efficiency is a priority at DIA. To deliver its energy-saving targets, the group is pursuing three lines of initiative.

Firstly, it is adopting new technologies that reduce electricity consumption. To support this effort the company analyses its consumption in detail in order to identify patterns and anomalies and to resolve incidents. This line of action is rounded out with campaigns to foster an energy-saving culture on the part of all members of the company’s workforce.

Secondly, it negotiates the purchase of bulk electricity under one and two-year contracts with the power companies in an attempt to mitigate recent price increases in order to bring down its electricity bills.

Lastly, DIA is using energy generated exclusively from renewable sources in over 1,400 proprietary establishments in Spain (70% of its store network). In 2013, the company applied to have the certificates provided by its power provider, E.On, accrediting its use of clean energy, renewed. The company expects to obtain the renewed certificates during the second half of 2014, when all the related bureaucracy is complete.

Thanks to these initiatives, the company managed to eke out annual savings in electricity of 0.067 kWh/m2 in stores and warehouses.

Eco-sustainable stores

Implementation of energy-saving measures begins in the group’s eco-sustainable stores. The most innovative systems on the market are tested at these stores; once they are proven effective, they are then rolled out on a widespread basis to the rest of the stores.

Thanks to the sustainability measures in place in every store, the company is achieving energy savings of up to 25% with respect to the old systems, which translates into around 20 fewer tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per establishment.

Most of these stores are powered by energy generated from renewable sources and each establishment displays the corresponding certification issued by Spain’s energy watchdog at its entrance with a view to engaging customers in the company’s environmental policies.

Refrigeration doors
DIA has invested €20 million in energy-saving projects in the last two years

In 2013 DIA installed 9,495 metres of refrigeration chamber doors across 1,154 establishments at a total cost of approximately €5 million. This initiative alone saves over 21 million kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to 9,812.29 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions

In addition to cutting electricity consumption significantly, this measure has brought other benefits, as these doors guarantee optimal product conservation temperatures, lengthen ‘best-before’ dates (thereby contributing to the fight against food waste at the preventative level), allow for more comfortable shopping temperatures and reduce the power capacity that has to be contracted to power chilled and frozen food sections in new stores.

The products affected by the installation of the cabinet doors are those for which it is most important to maintain the cold chain, including fresh meat and chicken. As a result, these products are preserved in optimal conditions for longer, thereby extending their shelf lives.

Having completed this initiative in Spain, the company is in the process of implementing it in other markets, such as France and Portugal.

LED tubes

Last year the company completed the installation of LED lighting systems in all its stores in Spain and Portugal. For a total investment of €10 million, DIA installed around 320,000 LED tubes in more than 1,500 stores in Spain and 300 stores in Portugal, representing one of the largest investments in LED technology in the industry.

LED technology has been used for overall store lighting and to illuminate the cabinets used to display poultry and meat. The company plans to roll this initiative out in the French and Brazilian markets next.

Sustainable headquarters

The company’s head offices in Las Rozas (Madrid, Spain) boast cutting-edge green building construction and management systems, as is certified by the facility’s LEED Gold for Core & Shell certification, which identifies this building as a sustainable, environmentally-friendly building that has been adapted so that it is powered 100% by renewable and clean energies.

DIA is an “Environment Creator”


DIA´s energy-saving and sustainable development pledges have been rewarded by the “Crea Medioambiente” (Environment Creator) certification awarded by the eponymous institute to companies that decide to introduce pioneering environmental measures into their systems.

The company was awarded this certification for the incorporation of energy-saving and sustainable development systems and measures in several stores analysed in the Madrid region in Spain.


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