Annual Report2013

4.2 // Logistics management

Supply-chain efficiency

DIA boasts an efficient and innovative proprietary logistics system that enables it to provide optimal service while minimising energy consumption and carbon emissions. With a view to continually improving every link in its supply chain, in 2013 the company forged ahead with its efforts to streamline its logistics processes and analysed the environmental footprint of nine warehouses as the first step in a program that will entail the environmental assessment of all of the group’s facilities and operations.

With 44 warehouses spanning over 870,000m2, DIA is one of the retail sector’s biggest logistics players.

Aware of the environmental-protection duty this implies, DIA is working hard to minimise its logistics activities’ carbon footprint. With this goal in mind, it is working on three fronts: high-capacity transportation modes, backhauling and the use of alternative transport methods.

The development of new, high-performance transport modes streamlines and boosts load capacity per format by as much as 15%, thereby reducing the number of trips and the attendant consumption and emissions.

The use of rail and boats as alternative transportation methods also implies a significant reduction in harmful emissions. The replacement of certain terrestrial routes with their waterway counterparts in the EU cuts emissions further.

The company takes advantage of store delivery trips to pick up merchandise from nearby suppliers which is then brought back to the warehouses (backhauling), thereby minimising the distance travelled by empty trucks. Purchases from local suppliers and the direct delivery of their merchandise by truck from the pick-up points provide an additional source of emission cutting.

Environmental assessment

Committed to continually improving its logistics operations, DIA analysed the environmental footprint of nine of its warehouses in 2013. The inspections carried out encompassed an assessment of the various facilities’ waste management efforts, controls over emissions and discharges, water and energy consumption performance and the measures in place to minimise the environmental impact of their installations and activities.

This initial exercise is the first step in a program that will entail the environmental assessment of all of the DIA Group’s facilities and operations.


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