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02 // DIA and corporate responsibility

DIA ensures the integration of its corporate citizenship and environmental values in every aspect of its management by applying best practices in the corporate governance arena and adopting a solid framework for conduct - based on its business ethics, transparency and effective risk management - with which it satisfies the legitimate interests of its stakeholders. The company’s efforts to continue to improve its corporate social responsibility strategy in 2013 included the drafting of in-house rules to govern its dealings with NGOs and its membership of the international CSR business platform, Forética.

The integration of corporate social responsibility into DIA’s business model began with the identification of the company’s intrinsic values, those evident in all of its daily activities: efficiency, initiative, teamwork, respect and customers. These values not only safeguard the company’s profitability, they guarantee delivery of its sustainability goals.

Based on these values, DIA proceeded to flesh out a body of rules regulating conduct across the company, establishing the systems and criteria that govern its activities in order to achieve excellence. In 2012 the company drafted and approved its code of conduct and whistle-blowing channel, as well as embarking on the implementation of a new risk management system and white collar crime prevention plan. In 2013 management approved the group’s corporate social responsibility policies and implemented the anti-fraud plan in Spain, a project that has already begun to be rolled out in Portugal.

The company also created a set of in-house rules designed to make sure that all of the group’s departments are aware of the rules governing dealings with non-government organisations and non-profit entities.

This is the first manual drafted by the company with a view to enhancing its actions in this respect and marks another milestone in the configuration of an all-encompassing CSR framework.

Target setting and measurement

The DIA Group predicates its CSR effort on the delivery of a series of targets which are evaluated following the recommendations of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the international measurement system most widely used by listed companies for non-financial reporting purposes.

It uses Enablon SD-CSR sustainability performance management software in a fully GRI-accredited web environment. Enablon’s solutions are used in more than 130 countries by the world’s leading companies in all sectors. This tool facilitates the reporting task and management of the group’s sustainable development performance indicators.

This is all enabled by a significant teamwork effort, underpinned by a matrix structure that encompasses the corporate divisions and country teams.

On the corporate side of the matrix are the ‘definers’, i.e. experts in each area than can adapt the GRI performance indicators to business circumstances. Then in each country, there are ‘contributors’, i.e. people who provide the country-level information and inputs needed to compile the performance indicators defined at the group level.

The dual task of coordinating these teams and validating the information is the responsibility of the coordinators at the country level and the definers at group level. This ensures a flow of information and sharing of best practices that benefits everyone.

DIA is strategically committed to transparency, to which end it offers its stakeholders information via its corporate website, intranet, franchisee website and supplier web platforms, among other channels. It also publishes the Club DIA magazine, an internal newsletter called DIALOGUE and a specific sustainability and CSR newsletter. In 2013 the company also designed and developed an employee portal that will be rolled out in 2014.

Membership of Forética

With a view to continuing to improve its CSR strategy, the company joined the international Forética platform, whose mission is to promote corporate cultures inspired by business ethics and social responsibility by providing enterprises with useful knowledge and tools for the successful development of a competitive and sustainable business model.

By becoming part of this platform, which is very entrenched in Latin America, DIA receives support in managing its CSR and ethical management policies and gets the chance to participate in international projects thanks to the organisation’s networking activities.

Forética is in turn one of CSR Europe’s national partner organisations and an institutional member of EABIS and Forum Empresa, among other networks.


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