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2.3 // Code of Ethics

Walking the road to integrity

The DIA Group is known for providing consumers with quality products at unbeatable prices. It complements this mission by looking out for the interests of the people it interacts with and promoting environmental protection and community development. To delivery this mission, the company underpins its activities with five values that have been intrinsic and instrumental since the beginning: efficiency, initiative, teamwork, respect and customers.

Inspired by these values, in 2012 the company drafted its code of business ethics which is binding upon everyone working at the DIA Group. It consists of a series of rules which all employees must uphold when doing their jobs in order make good on the company´s commitments: respect for its stakeholders and promotion of their interests, care for the environment, giving back to the community and the prevention of white collar crimes such as corruption and bribery.



2.3.2 Whistle-blowing channel

In order to detect and eradicate irregular practices and conduct that violate its values and codes of conduct, DIA has set up a specific channel through which employees can submit queries with respect to the code and report potential breaches at the corporate and country levels.

DIA guarantees that all messages received through the whistle-blowing channel will be kept confidential.

The purpose of this new employee communication channel is to clarify questions related to interpretation of the code and to analyse and resolve potential violations thereof, as required under prevailing legislation.

Employees can contact management by sending an e-mail to the following addresses in each country:

In the event of issues concerning the company’s executives, employees can also send their messages to the special-purpose corporate inbox,, or by mail to the following address:

DIA guarantees that all messages received through the whistle-blowing channel will be kept confidential
Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentación. S.A.
C/ Jacinto Benavente, 2-A
28232, Las Rozas. Madrid, Spain

DIA promises to keep all messages received confidential and will not tolerate retaliation against employees who make use of the whistle-blowing channel.

The corporate ethics committee is responsible for managing the whistle-blowing channel, informing employees of its existence and ensuring it works as intended.

As part of this obligation, in 2013 the company launched an internal communication plan in all its operating markets geared at fostering familiarity with the code of conduct and whistle-blowing channel.

All new hires are given a copy of the code of conduct when they sign their employment contracts which they are asked to sign in order to attest to their acceptance thereof. DIA’s executives, meanwhile, accept the code in writing, thereby acknowledging their commitment to upholding the group’s business principles, making sure they are respected in the teams under them and putting them into practice.


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