Annual Report2013

03 // DIA and its stakeholders

DIA attempts to maintain close, open and two-way relationships with its stakeholders. Committed to the wellbeing of its stakeholders and keenly aware that its ability to generate wealth in the long term depends on how it engages with them, in 2013 the company continued to work to foster dialogue, satisfy their demands and remain transparently accountable to all.

The company has identified six stakeholder groups which contribute, voluntarily or involuntarily, to its wealth creation efforts. They stand to benefit from the company’s activities but also present risks. The stakeholders are its shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, NGOs and society at large. They all play a role in the company’s viability and they all have different interests.

Integrating their needs and expectations into DIA’s strategy is crucial to maintenance of the group’s sustainable growth. DIA’s success will depend to a significant extent on their level of engagement in the company’s performance and results.

Beyond mere profitability, DIA assumes its responsibility for the wellbeing of all its stakeholder groups, to which end it attempts to foster a climate of trust propitious to dialogue and seeks to reconcile its activities and attempt to generate profits with their expectations.

With this in mind, in 2013 DIA reinforced its various stakeholder communication channels in all its markets, tried to improve in areas its stakeholders had flagged of crucial importance in prior years and planned new initiatives for tackling critical issues.


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