Annual Report2013

3.6 // Shareholders

Since its IPO in 2011, DIA upholds its shareholder rights by managing the company efficiently and transparently. The market has rewarded its performance with double-digit annual share price gains. The company’s commitment to delivering profitable growth translated into a higher dividend in 2013 and a capital reduction which automatically gives every existing shareholder a bigger percentage interest in the company’s equity. Throughout the year the company continued to foster open communication with the financial community, channelling this relationship through its Investor Relations (IR) department.

3.6.1 Tangible benefits for investors

DIA’s share price gained 35.1% in 2013 to end the year at €6.50, cementing its position on the Spanish stock market. The company’s market capitalisation exceeded the €4 billion mark, closing 2013 at €4.23 billion.

DIA’s share price has notched up a cumulative gain of 103% since its IPO (its shares debuted on the Spanish stock market at €3.20 on 5 July 2011).

DIA was once again one of the best-performing stocks on the Madrid stock exchange in 2013, ranking #49 out of 106 on the general IGBM index and #14 out of the 35 blue chips comprising the IBEX-35 benchmark index.

DIA’s shares also outperformed its closest benchmark indices in 2013, including the IBEX-35 (which gained 21.4%) and the Bloomberg Food Retail Index, one of the Europe’s benchmark food retailing indexes (which rallied 15.6%).

3.6.2 Transparent communication

Last year the company continued to foster open and transparent communication with the financial community, channelling this relationship through its IR department.

This team, which is tasked with communicating the company’s financial information to the market on an ongoing basis, among other things, carried out over 1,000 initiatives in 2013 to engage the various stock market agents in dialogue. These initiatives included roadshow meetings, webcasts and conference calls with analysts and investors.

The company devotes a section of its corporate website ( ) to shareholders where investors can track the company’s share price performance, follow its investor calendar and look up information of special interest to this stakeholder group, such as corporate governance disclosures and the company’s price-sensitive filings.

Visitors to this section can also sign up to receive the shareholder newsletter which contains all the latest developments involving the company. Contract details are provided, including the IR department’s email address (investor.relations@diagroup.comand telephone number (+34 913 985 400).


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