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3.7 // Society

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Food access and child protection

DIA has built its community work around its natural ability to facilitate access to food by the least privileged and most vulnerable sections of society, child nutrition being a signature program within this strategy. Against this backdrop, it continued to reinforce its policy of making the most of surplus food by donating it to those that need it most badly, collaborating with several NGOs and non-profit organisations on this community work effort. In 2013 the firm also pioneered the use of its newly created flash sale portal ( for the sale of charity products.

3.7.1 Championing the food waste cause

DIA is committed to the food waste cause. The procedure used by the company of directly involving the food banks was named the best practice for representing the retail sector at the ECR Europe congress held in Brussels last May.

The group acts on two fronts to minimise waste. On the one hand, the company employs best practices in this arena in order to prevent and reduce waste generation at each and every step of the value chain. And it redistributes food via donations, at all times ensuring the safety of the food donated, on the other.

DIA donated 2.85 million kilos of food to food banks in its operating markets in 2013, 185% more than in 2012

In redistributing food surplus, DIA engages the Spanish food bank federation, with which it has been collaborating closely since 2009, for the periodic delivery of food to the needy.

DIA hit another food donation record in 2013, donating 2.85 million kilos (2,850 tonnes), 185% more than in 2012.

The altruistic help of DIA’s employees, franchisees and suppliers was crucial to this collection and donation drive. The biggest novelty in 2013 was the orchestration of a Major International Drive, which triggered the collection of over 691,000 kilos of food.

Outside Europe, the Brazilian and Chinese stores got involved in this effort for the first time last year, collecting more than 400 kilos between the two countries.

France donated the most, at 1.2 million kilos (+873%). It was followed by Spain, which collected 1.1 million kilos (+123%), Portugal, at 375,000 kilos (+39%) and Argentina, at 100,397 (+25%).

The food collected was delivered for free by DIA’s core logistics partners (CAT España Logística Cargo, Gefco España, Norbert Dentressangle Gerposa, NPF Itaers, Salvesen Logística, STEF Iberia, and Transportes Fenoy e Hijos).

“Food is not for wasting, make the most of it”

As part of its strategy for preventing food waste, the company signed up for the “Food is not for wasting, make the most of it” initiative in 2012. It is a pioneering project in Europe, sponsored by the Spanish association of food manufacturers and retailers, AECOC, with the goal of preventing waste and making the most of food surplus.

It is a far-reaching collaborative effort that engages companies active across the different links in the value chain. With the support of the associations that represent them and the government, its goals are two-fold: (i) to systematically reduce waste throughout the supply chain through the use of an operational system that enables the measurement of the progress made; and (i) to leverage to the fullest extent possible any waste that continues to be generated.

In 2013, the project’s member businesses identified the areas which generate the highest quantities of product losses as a first step in instigating best practices in processes deemed especially critical. Moreover, the main logistics operators and carriers involved in the project have committed to transport the donations made by their customers to the food banks for free.

The food waste issue is a problem of concern to society, government and businesses, particularly fast-moving consumer goods companies because some 89 million tonnes of food get thrown away in the EU every year. This is why the EU has declared 2014 European Year against Food Waste.

3.7.2 Charity products in the sales network

The DIA Group provides care and support to the least privileged in its business communities through collaboration agreements with a series of associations and entities.

During the year, this collaboration materialised in multiple initiatives, one of which is a pioneer in the food retailing sector: the facilitation of the company’s sales network for the sale of charity products.

DIA’s customers were offered the chance to purchase charity packs sold by a number of NGOs and non-profit organisations on the flash sales platform, .

Organic foods, books and tools were just a few of the articles sold on the new website for charity during the year. The company also sold promotional products carrying these charities’ logos as a way not to raise money for these organisations but rather to increase their brand recognition among DIA shoppers.

This initiative marks an important milestone in the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy as it combines community work with delivery of DIA’s business mission: offering consumers solutions to their shopping needs at affordable prices.

UNICEF, Ayuda en Acción, OXFAM and Médecins Sans Frontières were some of the non-profit organisations that benefitted from this initiative.

3.7.3 Community work initiatives by country

In 2013, the group’s community work materialised in different campaigns in each country:

Collaboration with the FEDER, Spain’s rare disease federation

For the fourth year running DIA collaborated in the charity run organised by the Spanish organisation for rare disorders, FEDER, in Madrid on 3 March under the slogan “You run and our rights advance”.

The company was one of the race’s main sponsors and paid the registration fees for its employees and their relatives. This year DIA involved the Theodora Foundation and its Doctor Smiles in the project, the latter providing entertainment to liven up the day.

Through its consistent support of this initiative, the group seeks to raise awareness of what people suffering from rare disorders and their families go through, casting their plight in a positive light and helping to raise money for the more than three million people suffering some form of rare disease in Spain.

DIA’s agreement with FEDER likewise falls under the umbrella of the company’s strategy of helping children, as 65% of these diseases manifest early, before the age of two.

Along this same vein, DIA also collaborated on the first short-tennis tournament organised in benefit of children with rare disorders. The tournament took place in a public sports complex in Las Rozas, Madrid, the home of the group´s head office.


Collaboration with the Theodora Foundation

DIA extended its collaboration with the Theodora Foundation in 2013. This organisation’s mission is to take the fear out of hospital stays for children and teenagers and their families thanks to visits from its Doctor Smiles clowns.

The company sponsored several events organised by the foundation to raise money for funding its altruistic work. Specifically, it collaborated on the Emergency Laughter galas that took place in Barcelona and Malaga in October and November, respectively, and raffled tickets for attending these events among employees.

It also lent support for the ‘Hahacadabra’ charity run. On this occasion the Theodora clowns joined forces with the Abracadabra Foundation’s charitable magicians to mark Children´s Rights Day on 23 November. DIA also raffled tickets for this unique event, given to it in its capacity as sponsor, among its employees.

It signed another agreement with the foundation under which the children of any DIA employee hospitalised in any of the 20 children’s hospitals with which it works will be covered by a Hospital Laughter Insurance policy. Under this policy the children of DIA employees will receive a visit from a Doctor Smiles during their hospital stay, a Doctor Smiles medical kit in their homes and a get well soon card.


Red Cross Sorteo del Oro fund-raising draw

DIA allied with the Red Cross on its Sorteo del Oro fund-raising draw once again in 2013. The more than 3,000 proprietary DIA and Schlecker stores participated directly in the sale of the tickets for the draw, which took place on 18 July. The proceeds were earmarked to various humanitarian aid projects. The tickets, which cost €5 each, went on sale in the DIA Group’s stores during the months of May and June.

Christmas toy drive

Over 1,730 children benefitted from the toy collection drive organised by DIA in Christmas 2013. Building on the success of the prior year’s campaign, in which toy collections were centred in a single headquarters, in 2013 toys were taken in at the platforms located in 15 Spanish towns: Antequera, Asturias, Arroyomolinos, Dos Hermanas, Getaje, Jaén, Manises, Mejorada, Mérida, Mallén, El Puerto de Santa María, Sabadell, Santiago de Compostela and Villanubla.

DIA once again encouraged its employees to get involved as volunteers outside their working hours in order to help the company manage the campaign (inspecting the state of the toys donated, etc.) and offering them the chance to help with deliveries.

The entities that distributed the toys were the Town Hall of Manises, Zaragoza Solución, Plataforma Antequera Solidaria (Caritas), The St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Municipal Sports Foundation of Valladolid, the Virgen del Cortijo Parish (Caritas), Fundación Secretariado Gitano (the Roma Foundation), Caritas Seville, Cerma (Barcelona), Asociación Ningún Niño Sin Sonrisa (No Child Without a Smile) (Madrid) and the “Acércate a la Vida” (Get Closer to Life) Association (Cadiz).

Charity samples

DIA’s sales teams once again displayed their philanthropic side in 2013 with an initiative designed to help the neediest. As they had done in earlier years and making the most of samples submitted to the company by suppliers, the sales teams organised the delivery of charity hampers to a considerable number of associations and NGOs in order to reinforce their Christmas drives.

FEDER, Mujeres para el Diálogo y la Educación (a women´s education and dialogue association), Asociación Española de Lucha contra el Cáncer (Spanish cancer association), Asociación Española de Lucha contra la Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica (Lou Gehrig´s disease association), the Red Cross, organisations for the disabled, the Madrid Food Bank, Fundación Secretariado Gitano (Roma Foundation) and Caritas were the recipients of these charity samples.

Blood bank drive

As it has been doing for years, DIA once again cooperated with the Red Cross, facilitating employee blood donations during three quarters last year. The purpose of these blood bank drives is two-fold: to thank the volunteers who donate their blood during these drives for their generosity and to encourage new people to donate blood.

Charity Flea Market

DIA’s head office once again hosted a charity flea market in 2013, selling items made by charitable organisations. This year the market was organised with the help of Caritas (Taller 99), UNICEF and Menudos Corazones (Little Big Hearts). The market once again proved tremendously popular with employees who demonstrated their generosity with their purchases.

Support for the Father Arrupe Foundation

La Fundación Padre Arrupe está dedicada a la creación de estructuras educativas que posibiliten la formación y la promoción social, económica y cultural en los países en vías de desarrollo, especialmente en el Salvador. En el sorteo participaron 173 personas.

The Father Arrupe Foundation works to set up educational structures that facilitate learning and social, economic and cultural development in developing countries, particularly El Salvador. One hundred and seventy-three employees took part in the draw.

Support for DIA employees´ philanthropy

DIA also supports its employees´ philanthropic activities. The company helped to publicise a number of employee-led charitable initiatives, including Alfonso Rojas’ efforts to raise money for leukaemia research for the Josep Carreras Foundation by garnering sponsorship for his triathlons, the sale of APASCIDE calendars (Spanish parent association for the deaf-blind) at the head office and the broadcasting of employee Tania Catalá’s Trailwalker experience walking 100 kilometres in 32 days to raise money for Intermon Oxfam.

It also helps to publicise certain charity events such as the third Hortaleza Charity run to raise money for Menudos Corazones, the Uno Entre Cien Mil (One in 100,000) race to raise money for research into child leukaemia and the adEla golf tournament in benefit of sufferers of Lou Gherig’s disease.



"20 good years, 20 good causes"

Under the slogan “20 good years, 20 good causes” DIA marked it two decades’ presence of its brand in the Portuguese market by setting in motion 20 charitable initiatives with 20 different non-governmental organisations, all of which actively support the least privileged echelons of Portuguese society.

DIA Portugal customers so wishing registered on the company’s website ( in order to make a virtual donation to the various NGOs. DIA turned these virtual donations into shopping trolleys filled with DIA-branded products, 7.35 tonnes of food valued at over €14,200 in total, which were given the 20 chosen NGOs.

Deliver was facilitated by a number of well-known Portuguese celebrities: music group Blind Zero, Dr. Fernando Póvoas, TV presenter and actress Filomena Cautela, yachtsman Gustavo Lima, acting couple Mafalda Vilhena and Pêpê Rapazote, actresses Liliana Santos, Carla Salgueiro, Sofia Ribeiro and Ana Guiomar, actor Pedro Lima, the Rosado brothers (members of the Anjos group), TV presenters Cláudia Borges, Marisa Cruz, Iva Domingues and Bárbara Guimarães, and model and actress Andreia Dinis.

These celebrities delivered the food donations to: Casa da Cedofeita (red CrescerSer), Casa de Giestais, Casa da Estrela, Associação Ajuda de Mãe, AssociaÇão C.A.S.A., Associação Estrela Guia, A Casa do Caminho, Institução Moinho da Juventude, Ajuda de BerÇo, Casa dos Rapazes, Refúgio Aboim Ascensão, Fundaçao Francisco de Assis, Comunidade Vida e Paz, Fundação O Século, Associação Mimar and Banco do Bebé.



Donate smiles

To mark Children’s Day, the Argentine team rallied its employees to collect toys for the children’s hospital under an initiative dubbed “Donate Smiles”. Boxes were placed at all the head offices for employees to deposit their toys in. Employees were also offered the chance to participate by donating vouchers for $10 or $20. The campaign collected 227 toys and $3,198. As in earlier drives, DIA doubled the donations and lifted the number of toys given away to 413.

United to help flood victims

DIA Argentina rallied behind the victims of the recent flooding suffered in La Plata by donating emergency kids with basic necessities. The company organised the dispatch of two trucks loaded with cleaning products such as bin bags, brooms and cloths, as well as drinking water and nappies in a range of sizes, all of which were sent to the collection points set up by the Argentine authorities.

The employees themselves added their own grain of sand by organising a collection for clothing, food and vouchers, which were sent to help a primary school located in one of the neighbourhoods worst affected by the storm.

“Ponete el guardapolvo” (Put your coat on) campaign

In February the Argentine business lent its support for the campaign against the government’s plans to shut down public schools in support of School No. 30 (Bunge 3402, Longchamps). Thanks to this campaign, to which the company donated 140 equipped school bags and raised $2,207 for the purchase of 41 white coats, the children attending this school started the academic year better prepared.

Don’t let the cold freeze your heart

This was the slogan selected by the Brazilian team to galvanise support for its winter clothing and footwear collection drive. As was the case in 2012, the idea was to donate warm gear to marginalised institutions and communities. By the end of the campaign, which ran during May and June, the office had collected 11,027 garments which were sent to 15 organisations (four donated items per operator). DIA, in turn, donated 115 blankets to six of these institutions.

Toy collection drive

This initiative was undertaken at the warehouse level in October to collect toys from employees for donation to children living in institutional care.

Blood donation drive

The Brazilian head office hosted a blood donation drive promoted by the Pro-Sangre Institution in October in order to encourage DIA employees to donate blood by making them more aware of the importance of this effort. Thanks to the blood donated by 60 volunteers, the drive collected 41 400ml-bags of blood.

Charitable Christmas campaign

The Charitable Christmas campaign organised in December collected clothing, shoes and toys for underprivileged children and teenagers. Three institutions accommodating around 100 children received donations from DIA Brazil employees, while another 116 benefitted from 100 food hampers provided by the company. Other Brazilian workplaces also participated in the drive, each choosing their own beneficiary institutions.

Cooking Project

As part of its Cooking Project, DIA Brazil visited a nursery school in Rio Grande do Sul in September. With the aim of fostering healthy eating habits, a chef demonstrated recipes prepared using DIA-branded products which the participants later tested.

Donations and food collections

As part of its fight against food waste, DIA France donated unsold products all year long.

DIA France donated a total of €1,406,386 in 2013. Almost 361,000 products were distributed among low-income households (the equivalent of 1,050 tonnes).

DIA France and almost 270 stores participated in the National Food Bank Drive on 29 and 30 November 2013; customers donated almost 180 tonnes of food as part of this initiative.

Health and nutrition program

DIA is participating in a health and nutrition program in collaboration with nutritionists from Université Aix-Marseille. With this project DIA aims to foster healthy and nutritional eating habits among lower-income customers by showing them how it possible to eat well on a tight budget.

Race against breast cancer

Last year DIA France’s employees once again came out in support of breast cancer research. Thirty-three employees made up the DIA team participating in this 7k race which ended at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.


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