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01 // Overview and financial information

Year after year DIA is advancing on its sustainable development model, an environmentally-friendly and transparent business model engaged with society’s development. In 2013, the Board of Directors made this commitment official by articulating eight corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies. These policies have materialised in different initiatives designed to ensure good governance, minimise the impact of DIA’s activities on its surroundings and make a positive contribution to wealth creation and general wellbeing. These policies and initiatives are fleshed out in this Sustainable Development Report.

Sustainability is an integral part of DIA’s business model. The company is aware of the need to secure its long-time viability. In parallel it assumes its duty to contribute to the present and future of its surroundings and live up to the expectations vested in it by all of its stakeholders.

The company enshrined these commitments in the corporate responsibility policies approved in May 2013. These policies provide the roadmap for DIA’s actions in the sustainable development arena. They can be grouped into three lines of initiative:

  • Ethical, responsible and transparent management.

  • Commitment to stakeholders and stakeholding communities.

  • Environmental protection.

In order to ensure its profitability over time, the company has adopted best practices in the corporate governance arena and a solid framework for conduct - based on its business ethics, transparency and effective risk management - with which it satisfies the legitimate interests of its various stakeholders.

Upholding its pledge to give back to society, DIA contributes to the economic and social development of the communities in which it operates by creating jobs, fostering the franchise regime, entering into agreements with suppliers and collaborating on humanitarian and charity initiatives.

In order to preserve its natural surroundings, it works innovatively to reduce its energy consumption, diminish the environmental footprint left by its logistics activities and correctly manage its emissions, material consumption and waste.

In order to continually do better on all three fronts, DIA draws on its five corporate values: efficiency, initiative, teamwork, respect and customers. In order to transmit these values to all members of the company, DIA has drafted a business ethics code that guides its actions and signed the UN’s Global Compact, which has 9,000 signatories across 130 countries, companies committed to upholding human rights, providing decent work conditions, protecting the environment and fighting against corruption.

In parallel, and with a view to satisfying all its stakeholders, DIA has a number of communication channels through which it stays in constant contact with its employees, customers, shareholders and society; these include the corporate intranet, DIA’s CSR Newsletter (which is received by over 7,500 people), the Club DIA magazine (with a print run of 700,000 copies in Spain and which is received by a selection of the company’s best customers), the corporate newsletter DIALOGUE (with print runs of 19,500 copies in Spain, 3,800 in Portugal, 3,900 in Argentina, 6,200 in Brazil and 7,600 in France) as well as the various thematic sections of the corporate website on which the company posts extensive information of interest such as earnings figures and press releases, among other disclosures. Some of the new developments on the stakeholder communication front in 2013 included the launch of a monthly newsletter in Argentina called Experts and the creation of new company-franchisee communication channels in several countries.

DIA also leverages the most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter, to engage in ongoing dialogue with its customers, using these profiles not only to generate customer loyalty but also as a means for publicising charity work and encouraging customer participation in these drives.


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