Annual Report2013

1.2 // CEO statement

Dear friends,

Here at DIA we build social responsibility into our business by basing our value creation proposition on making the most of opportunities and, above all, efficient and effective management of our resources. Our commitment to our surroundings is unquestionable.

This year we have advanced on several important fronts. The Board of Directors approved DIA´s corporate social responsibility policy, which is articulated around the eight fundamental principles that will drive sustainable growth. Corporate governance, two-way communication with our stakeholders, workplace health and safety and innovation all feature in our CSR policy.

In terms of the progress made on the corporate governance front and delivering on one of the three targets we had set for 2013, the company rolled out an anti-fraud plan which is designed to improve overall management of related risk factors in all of our business markets.

In Spain, the company joined Forética, an international platform whose remit is to encourage ethical and socially-responsible business management which will lend support to DIA on several projects.

On the HR front, we carried out our first workplace climate survey in Spain, Portugal and Argentina. The results of this opinion poll have helped us to get to know our teams and their concerns better and have triggered new lines of initiative.

Our community work once again focused on our commitment to bringing food to everyone who needs it, particularly children. Last year we hit a new record in terms of food donations, delivering almost 3 million kilos of food across DIA’s six operating markets, 185% more than in 2012.

On the environmental front, and in line with our energy-savings pledge, DIA continued to increase the use of LED lighting in its stores, while also introducing more energy-efficient systems, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a result. Moreover, in Spain, we signed up for the Spanish Energy Efficiency Business Platform, the first attempt by big businesses from different sectors to join forces to promote activities targeted at the promotion of energy efficiency and the reduction of our carbon footprint.

Our goal is to continue to work towards sustainable growth by marrying our corporate values and business and earnings performance with a better community, environmental and management record.

Ricardo Currás

Chief Executive Officer


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