Annual Report2013

1.6 // Report profile, scope and boundary

Transparency at the service of credibility

This Sustainable Development Report sets down the DIA Group’s performance along the economic, social and environmental dimensions in 2013 with a view to providing its stakeholders with a true and fair view of its activities and the business ethics that inspire and govern them. The report was prepared taking into consideration prevailing legislation, as well as the main guidelines and recommendations issued by leading international organisations, particularly the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

This is the third sustainability report published by DIA since its IPO in 2011. With it, the company seeks to reiterate its strategic commitment to transparency as the best way to improve its sustainable development model and foster a relationship of trust with the people and groups it interacts with, in keeping with its social responsibility policy.

The chapters comprising the report cover the issues identified as key, in keeping with DIA’s strategy and stakeholder expectations and demands.

Following benchmark standards for the preparation of sustainability reports, the information contained in this report is compiled on the basis of the following principles:

  • Materiality, focus on information that is relevant and material to stakeholders.

  • Stakeholder inclusiveness, through approaches such as surveys and questionnaires.

  • Sustainability context, reporting on relative and absolute performance.

  • Completeness, in the scope of report indicators, the range of entities represented in the report (boundary) and the presentation of available quantitative information.

  • Balance, reflecting both positive aspects and areas that can be improved.

  • Comparability, presenting information in a manner that allows for comparison over time and relative to other organisations.

  • Accuracy.

  • Timeliness.

  • Clarity.

  • Reliability.

The information contained in this report is complemented by the content included in the Sustainability and CSR section of the corporate website ( ).


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