Annual Report2013

1.5 // Value generated and distributed

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Good for DIA, good for all

DIA is an international retailer with a business presence in six countries. It manages the business with a view to generating a profit in order to benefit all of its stakeholders. In 2013 the company once again delivered higher shareholder returns and created wealth in all of its markets by means of job generation, association with its franchisees, supplier contracts and participation in charity work.

The DIA Group reported underlying net profit of €227.7 million in 2013, year-on-year growth of 13.5% and gross under-banner sales of €11.48 billion, up 7.2% over 2012 levels.

The company’s business strategy was applauded by the stock market: the share price gained 35.1% in 2013. The parent company’s shareholders also benefitted from growth in the dividend paid from 2012 profits to €0.13 per share and a capital reduction that had the effect of automatically increasing their respective ownership interests.

DIA’s profitable growth is good for development in all its business markets.

At year-end, the DIA Group had 7,328 establishments, thanks to 378 net new store openings, and 44 logistics and distribution centres with an aggregate surface area of over 870,000m2. DIA honoured its job commitment, employing an average of 46,512 in 2013. In addition, the group supports another 20,188 jobs under its franchise regime.

The franchise growth engine, a priority for DIA, enables local entrepreneurs to start up their own businesses while benefitting from the company’s know-how. DIA supports its franchisees, providing financing, training and information before, during and after the store opening. At 31 December 2013, the number of DIA franchises stood at 2,991, 40.8% of the store network.

Engaged in the development of the regions in which it does business, in 2013 the group continued to work to improve relations with its suppliers. Of the 4,816 suppliers the company worked with last year, 83.5% were local companies that sell their products directly to one or other of DIA’s national divisions.

The company likewise contributed to the development of all its communities by participating in varying initiatives for helping the neediest, many times at the initiative of its employees, franchisees or partners.

Economic value generated, distributed and retained
Thousands of euros 2012(*) 2013
Economic value generated 9,866,543 9,997,536
Sales 9,707,554 9,844,338
Other income 131,793 142,927
Finance income 26,211 9,822
Gains/(losses) on financial instruments -85 -105
Share of profit of associates 1,070 554
Economic value distributed 9,492,378 9,638,347
Consumption of goods for resale and other consumables 7,754,444 7,821,780
Personnel expenses 781,545 820,273
Operating expenses 708,094 737,463
Gains/(losses) on disposal of fixed assets 10,539 10,642
Finance costs 52,052 49,467
Income tax 101,839 95,495
Dividends (**) 83,865 103,227
Economic value retained 374,165 359,189

(*) Turkish and Peking business activities restated as discontinued operations.
(**) The 2013 dividend figure corresponds to the proposed dividend against 2013 profits that will be submitted for shareholder approval, while the 2012 dividend figure corresponds to the sum paid out in 2013 in respect of the prior year’s profit.


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